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About Manuel

Manuel is a happy father and husband who deeply enjoys exploring the limits of JavaScript by applying Math and creativity to make extraordinary artistic experiences for the web. He is also interested in the fine arts and design, and he reads a lot. He believes in open source.

Professional skills

Magento and Typo3 serve as foundations for most of his projects at at e-Commerce agency Sitewards. As 'Senior Software Architect' he loves challenges like creating amazing product visualizations and interactive experiences with node.js and three.js.

Demoscene - Competitions

Regularly, he participates in Demoscene programming contests like JS1K and DemoJS. His speciality are size-restricted JavaScript demos, so called intros. For this he employs WebGL, GLSL, Canvas, SpeechSynthesis and WebAudio.


He gives talks at barcamps and conferences. Additionally, he writes articles for print magazines about web development. Plus, he shares lots of his coding as open source on github for others to learn and build upon.

Music and Painting

He enjoys painting (acrylic) and producing music. He loves synthesizers so much that he writes his own minmal software-synths. He has created music for several computer games in the past, like Zak McKracken between time and space or Nox Mortis.


Busy is the new happy. This is a list of recent projects Manuel did in his spare time.

Publications & Awards

List of recent publications
  • Softwerkskammer Thüringen: (2019): Deine KI ist künstlich, aber nicht intelligent
    ... a talk about AI and what's going on behind the scenes. (German)
  • Meet Magento 2018 Conference (2018): NexGen e-Commerce: Conversational Commerce with Magento
    ... a talk about e-Commerce with Alexa and Magento. (English)
  • Alexa versteht meine Zahlen nicht (2018): A Medium blog post
    ... about problems with number detection with Amazon Alexa. (German)
  • Sitewards Inter(n)view (2015): A interview about me as a democoder
    ... where I talk about my winning entry for the JS1K 2015 contest. (German)
  • SCREENGUIDE 25 (2015): Browser-Demos: Die Kunst aus Code
    ... about history and art of browser demos. (German)
  • SCREENGUIDE 24 (2014): Audio-Hacks mit JavaScript: Von Bytebeats und Algoraves
    ... about mathematically generated music (aka Bytebeat) and some aspects of the culture behind it. (German)

List of recent awards